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At CNU Logistics, we know the value of time and center our vision around time-sensitive shipping. We take a fundamental approach to eliminate wasted time and deliver urgent goods right when they are needed, providing quality expedite services.

Full Truck Load - FTL

CNU Logistics offers expert FTL services for large shipments that can fill the entire truck or require dedicated shipping, where freight reaches the destination sooner with no extra pickups or drop-offs along the shipments’ journey.

Less than Truck Load - LTL

For smaller shipments that don’t require much space, we offer cost-efficient LTL shipping services that allow multiple shippers to get their freight shipped efficiently while paying only for the occupied space.


For freight exceeding defined limitations, we provide specialized logistics services involving special equipment and thorough pre-planning to move freight of any size, weight, and dimensions.

On-Board Courier (OBC)

CNU Logistics is one of the world's largest OBC service providers with 500 couriers available globally 24/7. Our couriers can collect customers' parcels in just a couple of hours to deliver them in the world's major hubs as fast as commercial passenger airlines will allow, which is anywhere from 24 hours (or less) to 1 week.



We've been successfully working in the industry transportation for many years. Your cargo is safe in our hands


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Individual approach

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Multilingual team

We speak English, Russian, Uzbek

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Reduced shipping time

The cross-docking model allows our customers to ship the freight as soon as it has been ordered. Once a load reaches our warehouse, we move it promptly and safely from one truck to another.

Customer satisfaction

Faster delivery means better end-user satisfaction. Millhouse strives for excellence in customer service, helping our customers increase their own customer satisfaction.

Reduced costs

Focusing on delivering cost-efficient solutions, we shift the traditional inventory storage cost with more affordable and effective cross-docking services for faster freight delivery.