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With a comprehensive range of logistics services for all businesses and industries, CNU Logistics LLC is prepared to handle any volume. From expedited carrier solutions (FTL & LTL) to warehousing and distribution- we offer the best in global freight forwarding with our diverse fleet of ships, trucks as well as rail cars. All you need are your items that need shipping! Fill out contact us form to get in touch and see how we can help you grow!

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If you need your shipment to arrive in the shortest amount of time possible, we are here for you. We have many options available that will meet any type of rush shipping requirement at a cost-effective price! Be sure to contact us 24/7 and find out more about CNU Logistics today.

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When you need an experienced team to be there for your trucking needs, CNU Logistics is the answer. Our 24/7 dispatch service will take care of everything from loading and unloading freight at a customer's location to negotiating rates with carriers on behalf of our customers' trucks!

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Businesses will save time and money with our truckload shipping service. With one shipment on a trailer, businesses can reduce the risk of getting lost or delayed by delivering them all at once to their destination. And if you need help finding out which freight carrier is best for your needs - just ask us!

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Need to ship a small load? We're partnered with the best LTL carriers in the industry and can help you get any bulk shipment from point A to B. Need an efficient way of shipping your next move, or just some boxes for that big project coming up? Consider using our Less-than-truckload shipping service! You'll be able maximize effectiveness while cutting costs by having us handle all of your shipments on behalf of you - which makes up for more than half (60%)* of business transportation throughout America.

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We've been successfully working in the industry transportation for many years. Your cargo is safe in our hands


Our professional team is there 24/7 to answer all your needs. We care about our drivers and our clients

Compatible pricing

You can be assured you receive fair price for the best service

Individual approach

Our team is dedicatedly working with every client. We do our best to satisfy all the needs of our customers

Multilingual team

We speak English, Russian, Uzbek


Do you support contractual pricing and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

Other transportation providers are using old-fashioned software to track your shipments, allowing them to make a quick buck by providing you service. Our in-house state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide service any other provider can't. Anything

We have 24/7 tracking department that is ready to answer any questions shall any arise, as well as live updates via our portal.

Each carrier is required to have insurance in order to keep your freight covered in case of any accidents. Our state-of-the-art technology helps control actions of dispatchers, ensuring our clients receive our best service.

make stars into bullet points:
*24/7 tracking
*Insured freight delivery
*Portal for long-term relationship convenience
*Last mile deliveries
*Consistent freight logistics

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We value your time as much as you do. That’s why our carrier help center and bilingual customer service teams are available around the clock to help you on the road. Reach us at (267) 744-0010 ext. 2
Languages available: English, Russian, Uzbek

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